Ovation 1617 Repair

This is a 1981 Ovation model 1617.  Its biggest problem was a lifted bridge followed by a cracked body.  It also had a piece broken out of the rosette. 

The major portion of the repair was to re-glue the bridge.  Thankfully it was a pretty clean lift and it only slightly damaged the top and the finish.  The bridge was re-glued with Titebond and clamped and has functioned well since.  Sometime after the repair I came across an article that William Cumpiano wrote in response to a question that he was asked regarding pinless bridges.  He doesn't recommend them and based upon my experience with this Ovation and a handful of other Ovations that I've seen with bridges that had lifted I would likely avoid them as well.

To repair the broken rosette we modeled the broken portion of the ring with a piece of acrylic and painted the back side of the new piece to match the black rings.
The cracks in the body were repaired with some epoxy though once the epoxy was dry it looked less than appealing so I dyed the seams with some analine dye to vastly improve the appearance of the repair.

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