Fender Concert Tone Repair

I've repaired several instruments over the years but have never documented the repairs before so when my friend Bill (KA9WRL) asked me to repair his banjo I decided to start including repairs on the site as well.  Bill has an old Fender Concert Tone tenor banjo that he got from his father years ago.  At some point someone had taken a tenor Concert Tone neck and attempted to adapt it to a five-string pot.  The instrument was unplayable due to the action being unnaturally high and the bottom lag screw being pulled out of the heel.  The neck apparently never was fit to the pot correctly.  Someone had hacked at the heel in an attempt to make it fit around the flange and somehow the bottom lag screw was stripped out of the heel.  I completely disassembled the instrument and while I drilled out the lag screw hole to dowel it for repair Dominic got the Nevr-Dull out and began to clean and polish all the metal parts.  After repairing the lag screw problem it took a fair amount of work to get the neck to fit the pot correctly but after a bit we achieved a fit that resulted in a very playable action for Bill.  He's now able to play the instrument for the first time in many years.

Here's the neck after disassembly.
Here's the banjo re-assembled.  Note the interesting metalized plastic head.
The genuine imitation alligator skin case has lots of character.
Another satisfied customer!

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