Bruno Tenor Banjo

Before Repair  
This is an old Bruno Tenor banjo.  As you can see it needs some serious work.  It came to me in two pieces with a box full of parts.  In  terms of parts it needs a new head, a set of tuners, and a tailpiece.  It needs some repair to the peghead and the fingerboard.  The neck could likely be re-finished as well.  It's a good old banjo that will one day play again.
The peghead is particularly rough shape.
After Repair  

I completely repaired the peghead restoring it to almost new condition and installed a new set of friction tuners.

The rim and neck were stripped of the remaining old finish, dyed to get an aged look and then finished with nitrocellulose lacquer.  All hardware was cleaned and polished.

A new head and tailpiece were added to complete the project.

Another satisfied coustomer.

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