Inlaying the Peghead

Here's what the peghead will look like when it is inlayed.  The fleur-de-lis is cut from red heart abalone. The compass rosette will be alternating pearl, green abalone, and paua abalone.  The crest at the top is paua abalone, and the letters are in pearl.  (I designed and cut all these pieces with the exception of the letters for the name which I had cut by David Nichols at Custom Pearl Inlay.)

I used a Dremel tool with a Precision Router Base from Stewart-MacDonald and a 1/32" end mill to do all the routing for the peghead.

The little crest at the top is inlayed as well as the "The".  The "Voyageur" letters are just laying on the peghead.

This is the outline of the letters prior to routing:

This is the outline after routing:

This is after inlaying (final scraping to come after inlaying the rest of the peghead design.)

Here are the main points of the rosette inlayed:

and here are the next steps routed out:

and here is the peghead completed:

and now onto inlaying the fingerboard...


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