Guitar Top - Plate preparation and Rosette


The top is constructed of Sitka Spruce.

The top plates are joined and then thinned to 0.125" on the drum sander.

Tracing the outline of the top from the mold.
Dominic cutting out the rough shape of the top.
Preparing to glue in the walnut portion of the rosette after routing the channel with a Dremel tool and a circle cutting attachment.
The first part of the rosette in place, a walnut ring.
The second part of the rosette in place, black and white purfling (BWBWB).
Dominic is sorting out the placement of the pieces of abalone for the third ring of the rosette.
Gluing in the abalone ring of the rosette using epoxy.  I'm spreading the epoxy while Dominic inserts the abalone.
The completed ring of abalone.
The completed rosette with one additional black and white (BWB) purfling ring.

All of the routing for the rosette channels was done using a Dremel tool with the circle cutting attachment.


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