Bending the sides

To bend the sides we used a bending iron which is available from LMII though we got ours used on eBay.  The sides were soaked for approximately an hour before beginning the bending process.

Dominic sanding the sides.  The last time they will be flat.
Starting the bending process.  Working the side slowly over the hot iron and spraying with water as the bending moves along.
More bending.  The white arrow indicates the inside and top edge.
The completed sides in the mold.  Dominic's happy that it went smoothly and that they didn't break.
The completed sides after sitting in the mold overnight.
The tapering jig being glued up.
The bottom side of the tapering jig.
The completed tapering jig.  It is laid over the sides while in the mold and used to profile the back of the guitar.


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