Guitar Body Mold


We chose to build a mold as described in Jonathan Kinkead's book "Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar."  To begin the process Dominic cut a template of half the body of the guitar from plywood.  Here he is seen doing some final shaping of the plywood template.  (We visited a friends workshop to use his router table for this work.)

Using the plywood template a Plexiglas template was cut using a router with a flush cut bit.  The reasons for building the Plexiglas template were to give Dominic some experience using templates and routers and also to provide a nice tool for viewing suitable top and back wood.

To build the mold, four pieces of 3/4" plywood were screwed together.  The Plexiglas template was used to transfer the shape to the wood which was then cut on the bandsaw.
This process resulted in four pieces of wood which exactly represent the shape of the body.
To build the mold the four pieces of plywood were spaced with 2" blocks along the outline of the body.
A view of the blocks placed around the perimeter of the body prior to attaching the other side of the mold.
The completed mold halves.
The completed mold.  Note tabs at the ends of the mold which are bolted together during construction.

The completed mold with clamping caul.

The completed mold with side clamps.


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