Electric Guitar #1

Dominic was interested in building an electric and learning how to do a burst finish with airbrushes so he purchased a kit from Grizzly.  He purchased Grizzly kit H3123 to start the project.  Along the way he made some upgrades including a mother-of-toilet seat pickguard from Stewmac and a Floyd Rose locking nut.

Overall the materials in the kit were very nice.  The wood was good quality and the workmanship was as well.

Preparing the body for the application of dyes for the burst finish.
Mixing the dyes.  Aniline dyes in alcohol were used.  Our airbrushes are the Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS model.  They work extremely well for our needs.
Spraying the initial burst layer.
The completed burst.  The burst was built from base of golden amber and then a mix of various reds and browns for the outer layer.
The headstock with Floyd Rose locking nut and abalone Celtic knot.
Here's a detail of the Celtic knot.  It was cut from abalone and then engraved with a graver and a Dremel Stylus.
The completed body.  The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer.
The completed guitar.  Overall it turned out very nice.  Dominic thinks that it sounds and plays well.


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