Guitar Back  - Bracing


The back plate with the back graft in place.  The back graft is a piece of spruce cut from the edge of what will be the top plate.  The grain of the back graft is perpendicular to the grain of the back plate in order to strengthen the joint.

Dominic is chiseling the slots in the back graft for the back braces.

The braces are built from Sitka Spruce obtained from a local supplier, Vikwood.  Ric Larson runs a very nice business located about 50 miles from our shop.  He's a super nice man who has a wonderful selection of wood and great customer service.

The first brace glued and clamped in place.  From this point forward the back will have a delicate arch.

The second brace glued and clamped.
The third brace glued and clamped.
The final brace glued and clamped.
The completed back.


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