Guitar Back  - Plate preparation


The back is figured walnut.  Here the two plates have been joined.  They started at about 0.160" thick.

Here we are thinning the back plate with our drum sander.  The back plate is taken down to a thickness of 0.125".

This is the setup we used to route the channel in the back plate for the backstrip.  In this case a D-28 style strip.  The level provide a nice straight edge to guide the router exactly down the center of the back.
Here's the channel.  It is 3/64" deep and 3/16" wide.
The backstrip installed.
Planing the backstrip flush to the back.
The mold laid over the back plate to trace the outline for bandsawing the back to its rough shape.
The back ready for bandsawing.
Dominic cutting the back to its initial shape.

The completed back plate cut to rough the shape.

Guitar Back - Bracing


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