Drum Sander

Instead of purchasing a drum sander we elected to build one.

The sander is a home-built model based upon those that are sold by Stockroom Supply.  While you can buy all the parts (as well as complete sanders) from them we elected to build the entire thing from scratch.  Here's Dominic assembling the sander frame.
Here's the completed sander frame with the steel rod for the mandrel resting in the pillow blocks.
To build the mandrel we used an 18" length of 2" PVC.  To support the mandrel we drilled two 2" cores from a 2x6 using a hole saw.  We drilled out the center for the 1/2" rod and used Gorilla Glue to attach the wood cores to the rod and the cores to the PVC.  It worked very well.
This is the completed mandrel covered with sandpaper.  The mandrel is wound with Velcro and Velcro backed sandpaper is wound onto the mandrel.
Dominic is mounting the motor mount.  We used a 1/3 Hp motor.
Here's the completed sander.  The top was built of two pieces of 5/8" particle board that had the angled slot cut in them and then were glued together.  The underside of the top then had various portions routed to accommodate the ends of the mandrel as well as the belt from the motor.
The depth of cut can be adjusted by either changing the grit of the sandpaper or adjusting the bolts that support the un-hinged portion of the top.